Earth’s Caretaker

Not confined by space or time, Paul Goodberg sends a loving message to his students about trauma, its roots and its impact on our planet, our psyches and our relationship to the Earth. Sitting with Paul, one feels in the presence of someone who sees beyond the veil. With a pulse on energetics, Paul can clear an area to restore its balance returning harmony to a land and its inhabitants. At Ratna Ling on that bright and clear August morning, could we really sense that there was an energetic shift? We could, indeed!

Trauma resonates in many forms, and without a clearing, takes root. What was once pristine becomes encumbered holding memories of past misdeeds. Paul has made it his mission, his commitment to heal the Earth. Trained at an early age, Paul understands both the subtleties and the complexities of our native land. Put simply, Paul listens as the Earth speaks.

Passionate about his life’s work and compassionate to those who share his calling, Paul is student and teacher, vessel and vehicle. He walks a quiet line over a narrow trail along a steep ridge and in his footprints leaves his healings. ~Sdukes

Image: Courtesy of Helping Heal the Earth

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Give Voice

One’s authentic voice is vital; it is all that we have; yet, when entering the domain of the hospital or even the doctor’s office, one is silenced. Power is given over to those in the white coat, and with limited face time, we accept that which we are told. When one is sick and vulnerable, it takes a strong person to self-advocate.

We are at a revolutionary crossroads in our relationship to medical care. Caught by the industry standards, insurance restrictions, and tightly scheduled professional face time, the patient and the doctor have both entered into a new arena. With 15 minutes to diagnose, a patient spends more time waiting in his paper johnny than actually being seen by the doctor. Gone are the days of holistic care. In some ways, this new paradigm is slowly shifting the responsibility for wellness from the doctor to the patient or at the very least, it is forcing care to become a joint endeavor. However, this necessary change has left many in a void, faceless in the system, a number with a diagnostic code. It is here, as the template evolves, that Narrative Medicine, the story of humanity, the tale of the human condition, has the capacity to impact a system that has become, at best, tolerable.

Our stories are important to our unfolding health as a civilization. As we walk the ridgeline, we are reminded of our past as we make our way toward our future. As we step into the present, we need to gather our voices to insure that our humanity, our humanness does not become lost or replaced, buried under the tide of facelessness. After all, we have come to walk this path; we need to claim it. ~ Sdukes

Image: Boston MFA by Tdukes

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Healing Ourselves

My friend was diagnosed with cancer. With a systemic family history, it really came as no surprise. However, what was surprising was how she managed her treatment. All protocol pointed to chemotherapy. Everything in her being screamed, “no.” She said that if she succumbed to chemicals being infused into her body, she would surely die. Her surgeon and oncologist put up a good fight; they brought in the Tumor Board from the city hospital. She put up a better fight; she reached deeply into her soul and made a pact with God. She would heal, and she would have to do it without chemicals and, hence, without the support of conventional medicine and her medical team.

In Harry Massey and Greg Becker’s film, The Living Matrix – The Science of Healing, light is shed on the fact that beliefs can, in fact, override biology. Our belief system is our body’s strongest medicine. For anything to truly take root, one has to believe in it fully. It is no wonder that my friend could not embrace chemotherapy; she simply did not believe that it would work for her. She had already seen too many of her family members left bald and bloated only to die from the “cure.”

Intention plays a vital role in the healing process. Our thoughts and our cognitions impact our physicality. Information and energy transfer producing both positive and negative feedback within our bodies. Without us being fully conscious of their influence, scrambled information can take root and leave us disease-oriented.

My friend did something interesting. She actually changed the cancer model. Instead of “fighting” cancer with chemotherapy, she actually embraced her illness. She transformed the “warfare” model into love by choosing health over disease

I suggest taking a moment out of your busy schedule to watch this fascinating film: The Living Matrix – The Science of Healing will, without a doubt, shed light on the life that you live and the choices that you make.

Photo by Tdukes: UK 2007

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Landmines are abundant in Afghanistan. They are present even though they can’t be seen: buried in land, abandoned to the Earth. Intended for war, they victimize the innocent. One step, one footfall, one active landmine and humanity destroyed: legs torn to shreds, bodies mangled. Women, children, farmers, fathers: random victims of latent hostility. The ever-present invisible enemy.

There are those who have no choice but to expose themselves to this daily danger. For them, walking the enemy line has become a way of life. Yet, for those of us miles away, we can only imagine the horror. War-torn living has not touched our shores, just our newsprint.

Hope shines brightly in these darkened times. Fearless visionaries make statements through their actions and once again tilt the hand of faith. Roots of Peace, a nonprofit based in San Rafael, California, makes it their life work to unearth landmines and transform areas ravaged by war into sustainable cropland. In many parts of Afghanistan, almonds and grapes now grace a country where the earth was once the enemy.

In Kabul, where warring factors leave casualties in their wake, Emergency, an Italian-based nonprofit, admits anyone in need of their services regardless of their political affiliation. Within their walls, “a patient is a patient.” Pacifist in origin, the hospital remains a neutral ground in an otherwise war-torn land.

As war destroys, human spirit prevails. Out of darkness, those fearless in their cause, believers in their calling, map a world where fruit trees flourish and healing enemies lie next to one another in hospital beds. These visionaries have touched a land, a people and a world. They have given hope to the hopeless and home to the homeless. They have made miracles amidst the minefields. ~ S.Dukes


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Gate Keepers

“A long time ago in China there were cities with high walls surrounding them, with huge, magnificent gates. The gates just weren’t doors for letting people in or out but had great significance.

People believed the city’s soul resided in the gates. Or at least that it should reside there. People would take carts out to old battlefields and gather the bleached bones that were buried there or that lay scattered about. At the entrance to the city they would construct a huge gate and seal the bones inside. They thought that by commemorating them in this way the dead soldiers would continue to guard their town. When the gate was finished, they would bring several dogs over to it, slit their throats and sprinkle their blood on the gate. Only by mixing fresh blood with the dried-out bones would the ancient souls of the dead magically revive.” (Sputnik Sweetheart)

Fresh blood, fresh pain, keeps us aligned with our emotionality and rooted in our being. Entombing our past wounds separates us from the very source of our strength. It is in the struggle that we are able to witness our essential self and use past experience to guide our actions and influence our outcomes. Our true self is revealed when we are called to battle, our wisdom is recognized when we sprinkle our blood, and our soul can thrive knowing that we are willing to suffer to preserve the sacred. ~ S. Dukes

Image: Tdukes, 2011

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Falseness Dies

Falseness dies; injustice and oppression in the end of everything fade and vanish away. Greed, cruelty, selfishness, and inhumanity are short-lived; the individual suffers but the race goes on. The larger view always and through all shams, all wickedness, discovers the Truth that will, in the end, prevail, and all things, surely, inevitably, resistlessly work together for good. The whole is, in the end, perfect.

From: The Octopus by Frank Norris

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