Taking a cue from children


East Oakland students co-author the first book by kids for kids on handling stress

Children can lead us into realms we have long forgotten or were never afforded the opportunity to cultivate. They recognize something in themselves, in the practice of mindfulness that is so compelling that it behooves all of us to listen. It is often through these young voices, the still moments and the quiet reflections that what is seeking our attention will soon emerge. This guidance is not something extraordinary, it is something quite natural: a willingness and ability to simply return to the moment and hear what it is that is seeking our attention. A thought, a feeling, a fun experience with a friend reminds us of something that we all know and  have perhaps forgotten. It is our children, in their innocence, who remind us that, fundamentally, we are all connected as one.


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The Inner Dynamics & The Outer Behaviors of Leadership

IMG_1471“Self is revealed through an authentic relationship with

something that is greater than our ability to control.” -Tim Dukes

When you are in a position of authority and influence over other people, something that is natural to your way of being needs to guide you. The need to listen to this natural leadership compass is indicated by how imbalanced you find yourself in your personal and professional life. If you are off by just a few degrees, your leadership trajectory will skew the results you are after.

So if you are not getting the results you want, personally or professionally, turn inward and assess. Having clarity and coming to internal alignment is imperative for sound decision making and desired behavioral outcomes.

How do we realign ourselves? We find our way back to a time when we were aligned. For many of us, this means that we become reconnected with our natural world. Now this quite literally could mean that we return to connecting with the earth. However, it could also mean reconnecting with a creative process, our favorite sport, that coveted vacation spot … return to that place or state of mind that allowed us to have a deep inner alignment with the central components of ourselves.

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Lead With Compassion- Jeff Weiner

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Set Your Sails for New Leadership

IMG_2177There is an article in Harvard Business Review entitled, “How Should Your Leaders Behave.” Read it if you can. The List

Consciously act as a role model.

Deliver strong results in the right way.

Build, develop and lead diverse teams.

Motivate others with a vision for the future that can be implemented.

Because these are considered behaviors, they require leadership to prescribe to a level of self-awareness that promotes both reflection and growth. My favorite sentence reads, “Enterprise leaders must value, at their core, each behavior that they expect from others – and themselves – to exhibit and be judged on (p. 40).” Leaders are being called upon to be true from their center, authentic in their approach and aligned at a their core.

Harvard Business Review, October 2013, p. 40.

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