When working one-on-one with my clients, I am dependant upon the “other” for me to be fully present. I am also dependent on the “other” to enter into the shared experience in order for it to be fully energized. . . a shared phenomenal world in common. An open mind allows for this phenomenon to unfold. A closed mind: too much judgment, doubt, fear or laziness shuts down the field and disallows the ever, evolving relationship and the context that it lives within.

When communication does occur at this level, when the field is open, the entire universe of possibility within the organization, business, or professional pursuit is clearly available. Each moment unfolds naturally. The interrelatedness between me and my client becomes the context which reveals how the organization can evolve efficiently and elegantly. For the artist, his or her passion returns. For the professional, goals and objectives reveal in an obtainable format.

“The basic word I-You establishes the world of relation.”

Buber, M. I and Thou. p.56.