Kauai 071The hiking trail forks and you have to make a decision. You are most comfortable with the path to the right, as you have walked this way before. You actually take solace in the shade of the redwoods and the babble of the creek as it winds its way through the forest undergrowth. Two miles and your car will be waiting, home just in time for dinner. The fork to the left is steep, you would have to man up, chomp down a power bar, and dig deep for the remaining strength that is left after an already arduous hike. What way should you go? What path would you take?

Renowned mythologist-storyteller Michael Meade reminds us that the threads of any new story will be woven not by fear but by imagination and the ancient wisdom that connects “the solid ground of the earth and the unseen realm that sustains it.”

Intuitively, you recognize that the path to the right, although predictable, will leave you unconscious with the car and dinner as your endgame. The trail to the left, as steep as it seems, may afford you new vistas, seascapes, and waterfalls. After all, the day is clear, and the sun is only skirting the horizon.

Living into the imagination breathes life into the moment, allowing reconnection with that piece of yourself that still yearns for the “unseen realm.” -Sdukes