EasterTim Corcoran, in his book Growing up with a Soul Full of Nature, writes a compelling, meandering tale based upon his experience of taking refuge in nature. At a young age, nature became Tim’s friend and teacher. Having witnessed a horrific mutilation of animals in his neighbor’s garage, Tim turned to the land, the dirt, its plants and animals in an attempt to heal. By opening his heart, Tim was able to feel the unspoken connection between all things – believing, above all else, that the intimate experience of raw nature remains our inherent birthright.

Courage keeps one grounded in the natural world and provides one the strength to maintain a mind open to the many mysteries that present themselves as one peers deeply into the folds of all that is and ever was. As a teenager, by creating his own living “Code of Honor,” Tim has had to fight hard to walk the ridgeline of his life. This being a heartfelt set of beliefs, Tim’s “Code” holds meaning only to him; therefore, it is only he who can attain true mastery. For him, self-mastery comes from a place of power within ones-self that engages with the world through presence, self-knowledge, experience and wisdom.