I offer weekly meetings in person and over the phone/Skype. The sessions include ongoing assessment and course correction, helping to define patterns that indicate success and reframe those that predict failure. Individual sessions are best supported by participation in a retreat and sustained through a demonstrated willingness to practice self-reflection.
I apply my process of healing, clarity, and prosperity to the heart of organizational development. I work with leaders and their teams so that their organizations have positive social and environmental impact, increased revenue generation, operational efficiency, improved internal and external communication, and strategy founded on clarity.
One of my favorite ways of working is to create workshops and seminars that address the specific needs of your team. My Lotus Process™ introduces teachings and methodologies to help you and your team learn the skills necessary to leverage your current resources, overcome challenges, and ensure that your desired goals are sustainable.

Offsite for Insight (informational sheet)

The results of our meetings will help you to: actualize your vision; position yourself to achieve the outcomes you are seeking; see your limitations as assets; build partnerships; speak from a place that is genuine and passionate; show your value in any situation; capitalize on business opportunities; and stay motivated. By clarifying your message, you are better prepared to speak at a major event or give a critical strategic presentation.
Sometimes we simply make a mess. This necessitates “cleaning up” a situational crisis — for example, managing negative PR or dealing with a costly mistake. When a crisis occurs, we discover the root of the problem and come up with approaches to address it. Mitigation sessions reveal the consequences of potential actions without paying the price.
The Retreat is a multiple-day experience, in a natural setting, where I guide you through an intensive process of healing, clarity, and prosperity. The outcome of the retreat is to recalibrate and accomplish your purpose, despite whatever has historically prevented this. This realignment becomes the basis for our work together.