The Lotus Seat Dialogue process offers the participants a distinctly unfettered means of relating to themselves and their team.

Results include:

  • Developing deeper bonds through authentic communication.
  • Encouraging proactive participation.
  • Revealing and identifying challenges and obstacles.
  • Restoring inspired learning and development.
  • Clarity of action through continuous engagement with vision and execution of business strategy.
  • Developing the capacity to grow and flourish with greater self-and-other awareness.
  • Learning and supporting by “taking your seat at the table.”
  • Developing an understanding of time and space and how to utilize it for maximum success.
  • Cultivating individual and team respect for co-determined leadership.
  • Realizing that things get a lot easier when people find what they are supposed to be doing and the right location to do it.
  • Establish a capacity as a silent witness, a clear and reflective mirror, and an active participant.