The Lotus Process™ places leaders in a dynamic process that inspires and instills clarity of intention, consciousness, and mindful functioning.

My experiential-based process drives optimal individual and team performance to address leadership responsibilities with integrity and empathic balance. By placing leaders in challenging situations and facing issues in real time, I help empower individual access and group presence with intelligence and heart.

We set achievable goals consistent with established organizational norms by bridging the worlds of dynamic opposition and seeking out the difficult and making it simple.

  • Enhance growth through supporting distributed leadership dynamics
  • Unify the Senior Leadership Team
  • Reduce insecurity and fears by building trust, social support, and collaboration
  • Achieve constructive candor as a norm
  • Support clear and effective complementary roles for senior leadership
  • Develop self-organizing leadership 
  • Identify, support, and integrate the cultural norms that bring about success
  • Cultivate a culture of mutual understanding, transparency, and collaboration through continuous engagement and disruptive innovation
  • Stimulate intellectual curiosity and resiliency bringing about winning ethically and with integrity
  • Eliminate problematic patterns resulting in solving problems before they bring about failure